Cover Subline

Three Points...

POINT 1: The Reformation® line of firearms features Franklin Armory®’s NRS™ barrel technology. NRS™ stands for “Not a Rifle or Shotgun” and has straight cut lands and grooves while retaining a standard chamber. Since the barrel does not impart spin on the projectile, it does not meet the definition of “rifling.”

POINT 2: Since an NRS™ bore has straight cut lands and grooves, Franklin Armory® has engineered fin and flare stabilized projectiles and ammunition for near MOA performance.

POINT 3: Franklin Armory® has safely tested off the shelf ammunition in an NRS™ barrel and achieved 4 MOA results.

ATF Approval...

 On August 3rd of 2017, the Chief of the Firearms Technology Division confirmed that a firearm equipped with a stock and a barrel featuring straight cut lands and grooves is defined as a “firearm,” and is not a rifle or a shotgun. Since Reformation® cannot be a rifle or a shotgun, it also cannot be a short barreled rifle or a short barreled shotgun.

Here are the benefits:

  •  No NFA!
  •  No Tax Stamp!
  • Not an SBR!
  • Not an SBS!
  •  Not an AOW!
  •  No forms needed to travel out of state!


Reformation® firearms will debut initially in 300 Blackout. Our field testing has demonstrated exceptional results with 30 caliber projectiles, and we will follow up with a 5.56 NATO model shortly thereafter. We plan to release the Reformation® firearms and ammunition at the same time, and Franklin Armory® is currently working with industry partners to bring this goal to fruition.