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Reformation® firearms will debut initially in 300 Blackout. Our field testing has demonstrated exceptional results with 30 caliber projectiles, and we will follow up with a 5.56 NATO model shortly thereafter. We plan to release the Reformation® firearms and ammunition at the same time, and Franklin Armory® is currently working with industry partners to bring this goal to fruition.  We are achieving around 1 MOA using our new NRS bullet.  We will be release more info on projectiles in the near future.

This target was shot at 10, 25, 50, and 100 yards. Even at 100 yards, the center to center spread was only 3.5". It may seem counter-intuitive for an unstable projectile to achieve this size of a group, but the vector is consistent. Since the barrel is cut to a tight tolerance, the dispersion is mitigated. Some of you more prolific posters are simply wrong with your "minute of barn" assumptions, but to be fair, We did not expect the off the shelf ammunition to group this well either until we actually tried it 8 months ago.

For those that thought it couldn't be done, here are four shots from an 11.5" 300 BLK barrel at 100 yards using NRS Technology. The outlier was actually the first round, so we should be able to tighten this up even more.