Three Points...

POINT 1: The Reformation® line of firearms features Franklin Armory®’s Reformation® barrel technology.  Since the barrel does not impart spin on the projectile, it does not meet the definition of “rifling.”

POINT 2: Franklin Armory® has engineered fin and flare stabilized projectiles and ammunition for sub MOA performance in Reformation® barrels.  (Ammunition release date is still to be determined.)

POINT 3: Franklin Armory® has safely tested off the shelf ammunition in a Reformation® barrel and routinely achieved 3.5" @100 yards with white box ammunition.

ATF Classification...

ATF Firearms Technology - Industry Services Branch classified Reformation® as a non-rifle, non-shotgun in August of 2017.  Upon examination of a 7.5" barreled Reformation® variant with a forward vertical grip in November of 2018, ATF again concluded that Reformation® is not a firearm regulated under the National Firearms Act.  (More details available on our FAQ page.)

Here are the benefits:

  •  No NFA!
  • Short Barreled!
  • Shoulder stocked!
  •  Legal with a Forward Vertical Grip!
  • Not an NFA SBR!
  • Not an NFA SBS!
  •  Not an NFA AOW!
  • No Tax Stamp!

Available for sale...

Reformation® firearms are available now available  in two configurations:

*  The RS11™ has an 11.5" Reformation® barrel chambered in 300-BLK. It also is equipped with our Libertas™ billet upper and lower receivers.

*  The RS7™ has a 7.5" Reformation® barrel chambered in 5.56 NATO.  It utilizes our forged FAI-15 upper and lower receivers. 

*  Both are available with or without our Binary Firing System. 

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